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❝ So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there’s always madness. Madness is the emergency exit. ❞
❝ Fewer people shut down their computers anymore, and who could blame them? The moment that monitor goes black, you’re looking at yourself, not smiling, not anything…. that slack, dead-eyed zombie face, that’s yours. That’s you. ❞
—   Chuck Palahniuk (from the Introduction to Invisible Monsters Remix)   —
❝ I am the sum total of everything that went before me, of all I have been seen done, of everything done-to-me. I am everyone everything whose being-in-the-world affected was affected by mine. I am anything that happens after I’m gone which would not have happened if I had not come. ❞